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What does it really mean to be a man? Are there times you feel more like a “guy”—someone whose persistent weakness is holding him back from being who he was made to be? Do you sometimes wonder what it would take to finally get past the sin and brokenness you have struggled with for so long?

If you resonate with these questions, you are certainly not alone! Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be much guidance in the church and Christian literature about what to do or how to grow. Instead, we are often left trying to keep our distance from the weak areas of our hearts, put on the “new man,” and press forward. But what if the masculine pilgrimage passes right through the places of our hearts that we have worked so hard to avoid?

What if a key to unlocking your God-given manhood lies in the prayerful and courageous embrace of your weakness?

Joe Storr believes this is exactly the case.

In The Courage to Be Weak, Storr invites you to join Jesus as He leads you into the depths of your heart to discover whatever holds you back from being the man He has always intended you to be. With humility and authenticity, Storr shares his own fascinating story—one packed with Air Force adventures, exploding rockets, and wartime diplomacy—as Jesus led him on a journey to uncover his own masculine heart by giving him The Courage to Be Weak.

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